Please see guidelines under each submission category.

Folio is producing a special issue for Black writers and artists that will be released in February 2024 in celebration of Black History Month. Those accepted for publication will have the opportunity to share their piece at the annual SLCC African American Read-In.

You may submit:

  • Fiction (short story)
  • Creative Nonfiction
  • Poetry
  • Art
  • Photography
  • Multimedia

Please review the guidelines for submitting at

Folio accepts poetry, short stories, creative nonfiction, art, photography, and multimedia (multimedia will be featured on the website) from current SLCC students, staff, and faculty. 

See website for submission guidelines: Submission Guidelines — FOLIO: Salt Lake Community Colleges Literary and Arts Magazine (

Email with any submission questions.

Submissions for Folio are accepted year round. 

 Choose one of these topics

1. Tell the story of a peacemaker you know and how they have made a difference to you. How did  they change your way of thinking and being? How did they make a more peaceful or compassionate situation for you? Help us see what actually happened to you, and what the peacemaker specifically did. 

Please choose someone you know personally, unless the ideas and life of someone you don’t know has significantly changed your life. Use specific details. Use your own unique voice. 

2. Choose a work of art that makes a strong statement about violence, nonviolence, or the essence of peace. It must also have a strong connection to your own life and experiences. Write about the meaning of the art for you, telling the personal story or stories that the art illuminates. Art comes in many forms and includes both visual (painting, drawings, and photography) and multimodal forms. Again, use specific details. Use your own unique voice. 

If possible, include the URL to the artwork or performance.

Contest rules

Deadline: March 15, 2024

Submit 2500 words or less

Awards celebration

April 23, 2024, Salt Lake Community College Student Events Center, 12-1 pm

For more information see website: Write for Peace - GANDHI ALLIANCE FOR PEACE

Folio: SLCC's Literary and Arts Magazine